Build history/future plans (In reverse numerical order)

I have built a variety of full sided locomotives. I do not build scale locos, but I do build locomotives that can be driven all day and the driver will not have backache afterwards. The works number of a locomotive represents the order in which they were started by me, the date on the makers plate shows the date they were finished.

No 15 201x

A minimum gauge double fairlie, with a close resemblance to the loco designed specifically to go 'back to Blaenau'. To be really pedantic, not a double fairlie at all, a Meyer - but nobody likes pedants!!

No 14 2018

Another tinkerbell . . .

No 13 2014

A tinkerbell rolling chassis for a friend, ready for him to complete

No 12 2014

A tinkerbell for a friend - a project he started at the same time as my pair but never found the time to finish

No 11 2015

A minimum gauge single fairlie, with a family resemblance to the Ffestiniog Railway's Taliesin.

Nos 9&10 2010

A pair of diesel hydraulics, based on the O&K MD1

No 8 2009
Gnat - A 4HP diesel hydraulic
No 7 201?

Invicta - a large pacific, currently in the design phase. To be built for the SNBR as a company locomotive. Just over 14' long.

Nos 5/6 2012

A pair of tinkerbells. The second one has now left for her new home.

No 4 2007
Siusaidh - a large 2-4-4T.
No 3 2004
The ride-on railcar
No 2

A Milner Hunslet. Chassis air tested, then sold (too small!!)

No 1 2002
Ruby - a 5HP petrol hydraulic - seen at her new home in Scotland