Miniature Railway stuff

These pages contain information our miniature railway equipment (7.25" gauge) and associated items.

We own two 6' coaches, and have a loan of Dad's tram engine and 45 yards of straight portable track, which is a real hit with children at school fete's etc. At the end of 2002, we also built a 30' radius 1/4 circle of track for our daughters' school xmas fayre (about 20 yards length). This enabled us to take the children to Santa's magical grotto, which was round the corner from the main station. The fat controller keeps talking about adding a pair of points to run two trains once the steam engine is finished, but that's a long way off yet....

The first major project documented here is to build a shed/workshop to store and maintain this lot in - and hopefully store any new locomotives we build in future as well ! I really should have documented the building of the coaches in a similar way but I was up against such a tight deadline (they had to be ready for our daughter's school fete, and I only took delivery of the chassis 6 weeks before...) that I never found the time to take any photographs. Sorry !

Next, I built an 0-4-0PH sit-in locomotive. This was because I was fed up with getting a stiff neck at fete's: you need to keep a good eye on the young passengers. Having built it, the kids wanted to know where Toby had gone.......

Then, I decided to take the plunge and build a 'proper' engine. To date, this is still under construction.

During the construction of this, my mind wandered and so I built an electric ride-on railcar, mainly to Alan Westby's design.

After the Hunslet chassis had been completed, air tested and fixed, I ordered the boiler. I completed as much of the loco as I could without it, but so much relies on it. So, my mind started to wander and I decided it was time to build a ride-in steam engine. Tinkerbell anyone ??


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