The usual disclaimers apply to the organizations on this list – I have no connection with any of them, so can only tell you about how they dealt with me and my project. They are in no particular order.


Essex Laser Job Shop

Laser cutting. Fast, friendly service

Clupet Piston Ring Ltd

Piston rings as specified by Milner’s. Ring 01900 818361 and ask for 2 ¼ by 3/16 by 5/64 double coil rings (4 off) and they’ll send them to you next post with a bill. Good, trusting folk

Reeves 2000

Drawings, castings

Ondrives Ltd

Springs, clevis parts etc


Bolts, nuts etc.

Maidstone Engineering Ltd

Small quantities of ‘model engineer’ steel etc. Imperial sizes.

IS&G Ltd

Large quantities of industrial steel. Metric sizes only