Project progress

January 2004 - Valve motion coming on, coupling rods done


September 2004

Test the chassis using compressed air

August 2004

Assemble and fit the motionwork

April-July 2004

Bore cylinders, machine crossheads, slidebars, and connecting rods

March 2004

Inside valve motion complete

February 2004

Assemble and start fitting the inside valve motion

January 2004

Machine the valves and valve chests

December 2003

Complete the coupling rods, assemble the inside motion.

November 2003

Make rod brasses

October 2003

Assemble axles, fit to frames. Machine out webs of coupling rods. Clean up coupling rods

September 2003

Machine axles

August 2003

Fit hanger brackets to expansion links, obtain castings, machine fly cranks, part machine eccentric straps.

July 2003

Make reversing pole and fittings, complete weighshaft and arm, machine valve rods

June 2003

Machine eccentrics, make up weighshaft arms

May 2003

Fit buffer beam attachment angles and derailing bars. Temporarily fit frames together

April 2003

The brake shaft and weighshaft bushes were made and fitted

March 2003

The spring rests were fitted to the frames

Feb 2003

The hornblocks were made and fitted to the frames

Feb/Apr 2003

Drill frames, fit footplate angles

Jan/Feb 2003

The wheels were machined at the SNBR workshop

Jan 2003

Collected the first batch of laser cut parts

Nov/Dec 2002

Created CAD drawings for first set of laser cut parts

Oct 2002

Obtained the drawings for the project