Things I couldn’t figure out from the drawings

This page documents the things I couldn’t figure out from the drawings, so had to either work it out for myself or ask someone who’d already built the engine. Hopefully, they will help you (unless you are less stupid than me, of course…..)

1)      Position of reversing stand

The drawings are somewhat unclear as to exactly where (in a left-to-right) direction the reversing stand goes. There are some clues in the position of the large angle to support it and the brake column, and also with holes in the footplate, and the cab front, but no real help. There is the suggestion that the reversing rod has a bend in it. Now, whatever happens, the reverser needs to keep out of the way of the brake column (this brake handle sits above the reverser). What I did was to assemble the weighshaft, and then make the reversing rod straight back to the stand. I made the stand sit so that the rod runs parallel to the frames. This makes the stand very close to the edge of the support angle, but there ought to be enough strength there

2)      Crankpins

The drawings are very unclear as to exactly how the crankpins are fitted. They supposedly have a screw from the front face of the flycrank, yet the belled-out end of the pin also holds the rods on. I have spoken to several other builders about this, and they all have their own way round it. My crankpins are loctited in, and are tapped for retaining washers on the ends. This will mean I can remove the rods for re-bushing should this ever be needed.