Constructing “Laura” - a 4" scale Alice class Hunslet

The pages (links below) document the construction of my 7 1/4" gauge, 4" scale 0-4-0ST Alice class Hunslet locomotive, to the Milner design. It will grow as construction progresses, hopefully providing a source of information on things to do/not to do to make construction of this type of locomotive simpler and quicker, as well as being an inspiration to those who are just about to start the construction of a miniature locomotive. She is my first attempt at steam locomotive building. If you are thinking of starting a similar project as your first, then read this page.

This is not an exhibition-quality build - I don't have the time (3 children under 10 is my excuse), equipment, or the engineering skills to do this. What she will be is a good passenger hauler with more than a passing resemblance to an Alice class Hunslet. I don't consider myself a model engineer - rather the operator (engineer, mechanic) of a miniature railway.

Progress of the project                 Progress in pictures

New!! Pictures of a completed Milner Hunslet at Milner's workshops

General introduction - reasons for selecting this locomotive etc.

Laser cutting - the parts I had laser cut, why etc.

Wheels, axles and flycranks

Frames and attached parts

Coupling and connecting rods

Cylinders and valve chests


Things I couldn't figure out on the drawings (with answers)


Suppliers - A list of the suppliers I used in this project