Constructing an 0-4-0PH locomotive (Cerys)

This set of web pages documents the construction of the 7.25" gauge 0-4-0PH locomotive shown above. The design of this is rooted in the tram engine shown elsewhere on this web site. It will (hopefully) fulfil the following design aims:

  1. Have more adhesive weight than the tram
  2. Be capable of 'sit on' operation (Thus adding to the adhesive weight, as well as not requiring a driving truck)
  3. Fit into the car easily (The tram is about 8" too long for this)

As well as taking forward the good points of the tram:

  1. Simple, strong construction
  2. Powerful for its size (5HP) and simple to drive (Eaton hydraulic transmission)

The links below take you to pages showing the design and construction of this project. They will be added to and amended as the project progresses.

Design, drawings, etc
Wheels, layshaft etc.
Engine, transmission etc.

The following link lists the suppliers I used for the various components I used in the project.
Suppliers of parts